FameLab 2013

On 21st of January the second FameLab regional contest in Schleswig-Holstein took place. Each contestant has 3 minutes to present part of his scientific research. The interesting part is that it is forbidden to use presenting software such as powerpoint. You are only allowed to use the things you can carry by yourself on the stage. However, the idea is to present the idea in an intersting, understandable and enjoyable way.

This year, Dennis Boldt, member of the Institute of Telematics, presented the iBAST project. In the first round he showed a model of a bridge. By using toy cars and a knife he "simulated" the damage occuring through everyday strain. Afterwards, in a second round, he showed how the iBAST project wants to monitor the damages with the help of different sensors.

In the end, Dennis placed 2nd. Thus, he will advance to the German FameLab contest.

All contestants were recorded. The two talks of Dennis can be found here and here. A newspaper article about the contest is available at LN Online.